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Quinoa “Vanilla-Cinnamon” Pancakes

A Hearty Sunday Breakfast to Enjoy! Made with only 1 T. of sugar, no white flour and the “perfect protein”.  Quinoa seems to be the buzz these days and no wonder it does. It tastes great and provides the body with the essential protein we need. Loaded with amino acids , this is a great alternative to grains […]

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Steps to Take Control of Your Emotional Eating

I wanted to re-post this because I see Emotional Eating happening a LOT. Emotional eating may not be a term you’re familiar with, but it’s probably something you do at least occasionally. If you reach for a sweet treat when you’re feeling sad or munch on a crunchy snack while you’re bored, even if you’re […]

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Your Weight Loss Questions Answered!

Questions and answers about weight loss and the Alkaline diet.         Michelle D. asked:  What is the best way to lose weight? What kind of exercises should I do, and what kind of foods should I stay away from? Thanks!   Hi Michelle, The best way to lose weight is to eat […]

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