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Now is YOUR TIME to Start Looking Good and Feeling GREAT!

Finally! Affordable “FUN” Fitness Classes That

Will Get You In THE BEST Shape Of Your Life!


 Are you …

  • frustrated being overweight, tired and simply not feeling good about you? 
  • tired of not having the knowledge of how to put a complete exercise program together? 
  • not able to come up with the support system required to make lifestyle changes


The NJ Fit Chicks is a FUN boot camp style fitness program for women in the Blairstown/Hope/Belvidere and surrounding area.


My passion is to help women lose weight and feel great due to “proper” exercise and an alkaline diet. Unlike other  training programs that require you to count calories and workout 5-7 days per week, The NJ Fit Chicks teaches you proper nutrition and functional exercise techniques to MAXIMIZE your effectiveness in a short period of time. 



What Results To Expect:

  • Lose body fat
  • Get to your ideal weight
  • Gain more stamina/endurance
  • Gain lean muscle
  • Learn foods that alkalize the body
  • Cut your exercise time in half
  • Decrease stress
  • Gain more energy
  • Gain more confidence
  • Have FUN!

Our group exercise classes vary.  We do a bit of everything including cardio, core training,  strength training, plyometrics, fun drills  & more to create a fun and challenging experience you will get addicted to.  ALL levels welcome.  We show variation to those who are new and not quite ready for the advanced movements.

Schedule and Location:

All Camps run 4 weeks and are ongoing.  

Hope, NJ  September Calendar

  • 9:15am Monday * Tuesday * Wednesday * Thursday
  • 5:30pm Monday * Tuesday *Wednesday * Thursday
  • 6:30pm Monday * Tuesday * Wednesday * Thursday 
  • Every Saturday 8am &  9am
  •  www.Facebook.com/NJFitChicks



The Moravian Grange in Hope, NJ 428 Great Meadows Rd., Hope, NJ

If at the light in Hope, turn toward the Inn at Millrace Pond. Make right on Great Meadows Rd. (same road that land of make believe is on). We are about 4 doors down on LEFT side.  Yellow building with a big tree in front.  Sign says Moravian Grange.  Park to the right side of building.

ONE body * ONE lifetime    What are you waiting for?   Join our fitness family today!

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Read what others have to say….



I signed up for Kim’s 90 Day Accountability Group a few years ago and learned so much about proper eating and alkalizing the body for health and weight loss.  Kim was inspiring, educational and motivating to say the least.  I believe our entire group of 32 people had all positive results due to Kim sharing her invaluable knowledge so we could feel good about ourselves and learn what fuels the body.  I’m also a busy mom and I learned to cut my exercise time in half.  Thanks Kim!  Christie B. – Blairstown, NJ


Kim – Great aspiring network! Once again it has inspired me to feel the empowerment that comes with staying on track and making this my “way of life”. Your group has been nothing but supportive and encouraging to stay healthy! Kim is also very in tuned to each individual and boasts a great amount of knowledge and thought with all of us. What you said works – when your being held accountable your success is much greater and that’s what I love! It is a learning process for all of us and without the sharing, nobody will know! So keep on keep on…. Jenny L. – Blairstown, NJ


Joining Kim Lerner’s Energizing and Alkanizing group has been a positive and gratifying experience. Joining this group has made a tremendous impact on what I am eating and especially how I am feeling. I love this group because it inspires me to eat better and provides a wonderful support system. The group offers great ideas for recipes and each week I learn something vital to continue eating healthy. I don’t feel like I am on a diet. I just feel like I am making better choices for my body. I feel better then I did 2 months ago and I know I feel better then I did last January.     Michelle B. – Hackettstown, NJ

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